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Okay... Yes, it has been a long time since I updated this page. I have some readings coming up including:
April 2nd at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock, NY hosted by Phillip Levine, the poetry editor of Chronogram magazine.
April 7th at the Alternate bookstore in Kingston at 5pm with Nathan Graziano.
June 8th at Morning Brew Coffee House in High Falls, NY at 7pm.
June 16th at the Mudd Puddle in New Paltz, NY at 7:30pm with Nathan Graziano.
July 17th at the Acoustic Coffee in Portlane, Maine at 7pm with Nathan Graziano.

In addition, I read from "Dream Big, Work Harder" on The Woodstock Roundtable with Doug Grunther on WDST on 2/4/2007. Which was great and I have to thank my friend and fellow poet, WIll Nixon, for the opportunity!

My reading from The Small Press Fair in December can be viewed on line: "Dream Big, Work Harder " Reading
Melody Sherosky, the editor of The Blind Man's Rainbow, reviewed my chapbook in Winter 2007, Volume XII, Issue 1 of BMR. See the "Dream Big, Work Harder" on this site for clips from the review.

In addition, I am working on various projects with some great poets and am pretty excited....the March snow is fading and life is good....Feel free to drop me a line, if you feel inspired. -Rebecca

January 3, 2007
Happy New Year! Just a few updates... one of my pieces from a new collection I am working on was published online at Zygote in my Coffee . Doug Holder reviewed Dream Big, Work Harder; you can check out the review at Author's Den. I am reading at the Morning Brew on January 12th, see below information. Also Nate Graziano and I started plans for reading dates this summer, including one in Maine in July; will give more details soon. Hope everyone is having a good start to 2007.

December 11, 2006
I will be reading at Morning Brew Coffee House in High Falls on January 12th at 7pm with local poet Glenn Werner. Other readings to be announced as they come closer, including a reading at Alternative Books, 35 North Front Street in Kingston, on April 7th. They are also holding copies of Dream Big, Work Harder. ForeWord editor at large Eugene Schwartz, who I met at the Small Press Book Fair, reviewed my book in the December 6th newsletter.

December 4, 2006
Sunnyoutside just released my new chapbook Dream Big, Work Harder... and I just read this past weekend at the small press fair in Manhattan. Have been setting up some other reading to be announced and will also be reading with Nathan Graziano in the New Hampshire area in the spring.

On Saturday December 2nd, I will be reading at the small press fair in New York City for the release of my book style="text-decoration: underline;">Dream Big, Work Harder via sunnyoutside press. I will give more details as the date approaches... Mannequin Envy published two of my poems online, you can check them out at

September 4, 2006
Ohhhh, the close of the summer... I did however win the first poker game that I have ever played last night. Many updates: I just started working on a book with sunnyoutside press. I absoloutely love the work they are putting out, especially William Taylor Jr's book "So Much Is Burning" and Nate's book. One of my poems appeared in the August posting of Zygote in my Coffee and a few pieces were accepted for an upcoming issue of Controlled Burn. I just finished reading "give a poor man god and watch him starve" by john sweet and I really enjoyed it. You can order it through

July 21, 2006
My Favorite Bullet just came out with a new on-line issue that includes one of my pieces. My Favorite Bullet
Going to Brooklyn finally to see some friends--one of which I will be working on a project with and will give more details soon. Just read Men of Letters by Nathan Graziano and Daniel Crocker--I recommend it! The pieces are a moving mosaic of honest humor. It was the last book in a trilogy put out by Green Bean Press.

July 15, 2006
Wordriot just posted three of my poems in the July issue. Including "Gone" which tortured me for five years, I could never get it just right. I was bent on fine tuning the multiple layers, so it read three ways. I would like to blame the consumption of at least two gallons of vodka on "Gone." Just read Dead Stars Have No Graves by Joseph Kerschbaum and highly recommend checking it out! You can order his chapbook at pathwise press.

July 8, 2006
Just read some good pieces in the June issue of remark including two pieces by Michael Estabrook that were beautiful! I am honored to be beside great poets ... and excited that one of my pieces will also appear in the August issue. Currently, I have another piece included in the July on-line issue of spentmeat. In addition, I started a myspace page that I am posting new and different work on. Hoping to start some new projects soon...

May 23, 2006
Codhill Press is accepting manuscripts for their chapbook contest, judged anonymously by Pauline Uchmanowicz. Pauline's the author of Sand & Traffic, a collection of poems worth checking out!

Pauline's cover
Would you be so terrifying
uncoffined, dried earth caked on your calves,
disintegrating in a field among weeds
like an animal whose death
makes a place large and strange?

Knee Deep in Mud My Mother
Codhill Press, New Paltz, New York